CERtification of Environmental Standards South Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a CERES

Organic and Sustainable certification in South Africa

CERES works towards the following quality goals:


We are transparent regarding our criteria, policies and standard interpretation. Our policies are available to the public and clients do not need to worry about suddenly being faced with new, unexpected requirements.


• We strive to deal with your certification request in the shortest possible time.

• We endeavor to answer your questions within three business days.


• We provide you with the necessary tools to auto-assess your farm's or company's compliance with relevant standards and define corrective measures.

• We believe in operator responsibility.

How we seek to achieve these goals:

  • The CERES management team, Ulrich Findel, Dr. Bernhard Schulz, and Albrecht Benzing have many years of experience in international certification work
  • We work with well trained and independent local staff who are regularly updated.
  • We continuously adapt and improve our quality management system.
  • We reduce bureaucratic procedures to the necessary minimum
  • We seek consistent, impartial, equal treatment for all clients
  • We are open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement
  • We have clear procedures for preventing conflicts of interest and discouraging corruption

For more information, please consult our Quality Goals

Our Name

CERES - CERtification of Environmental Standards refers to "Ceres", the ancient Roman goddess of agriculture, who was equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter. She represented the plenitude of crops and was a symbol for soil fertility.

Ceres, South Africa

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