Grow your business responsibly

Achieve Organic
and Sustainable Certification in
South Africa

Aligned with three core goals

We work towards excellence, prioritizing quality at CERES


Our commitment to transparency ensures open sharing of our criteria, policies, and standards' interpretations, guaranteeing consistency without unexpected changes in requirements.


We prioritize rapid certification processing and comprehensive support, aiming for the shortest possible processing time and responding to inquiries within three business days.


Empowering you with essential tools for self-assessment and fostering operator responsibility are core principles driving our collaboration.

Efficient and Reliable

Our Approach

We collaborate with well-trained and independent local staff who receive regular updates. Continual adaptation and enhancement of our quality management system are our priorities. We streamline bureaucratic procedures to the necessary minimum. Our aim is consistent, impartial, and equal treatment for all clients. We welcome new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Clear procedures are in place to prevent conflicts of interest and deter corruption. For further information, please refer to our quality goals.

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Our name

The Origin of CERES

CERtification of Environmental Standards refers to 'Ceres', the ancient Roman goddess of agriculture, equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter. She symbolized abundant crops and soil fertility